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Make More Music. Gain More Fans.

Start now with 3 free beats and a free mix. 


Need Your Song Mixed?

All songs recorded on Lex Vino beats receive 50% off mixing.


1. Record Over Beat


2. Send Vocal Stems


3. Receive Final Mix

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much are your beats?

Tier 1 (MP3 leases) start @ $15 USD.

Tier 2 (WAV leases) @ $30 USD.

Tier 3 (Exclusives w/ Trackouts) @ $150 USD.

What is a "lease upgrade"?

A lease upgrade is when you purchase a lower tier lease, but later decide to upgrade to a higher level tier. This is helpful if you'd like to purchase a "Tier 1" lease to record on, but later need to upgrade to a "Tier 3" for mixing purposes.

If you decide to upgrade your lease, the previous amount paid will be discounted from the new price.

Lease upgrades are only available for 21 days after purchase date.

How do I upgrade my lease?

Send a "lease upgrade request" through the contact form on our site. Please provide the order number, and name of the beat in your message.

Do you mix & master?

Yes. If you would like me to mix something, send me a message through the contact form. 

Mixes on Lex Vino beats start at $25/song.

Mixes on other beats start at $50/song.

What if I don't like the mix?

You get 2 free revisions with every mix purchase. 

Can you record vocals?

I can if you are located in Toronto. Send me a message and we can hop in the studio.

Prices are subject to hours needed.

*All prices are in USD.

Why Wait? Get Your Free Beats Now!


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